Sunday, August 22, 2010

WARNING. pissed off rant ahead...

I like my job in NC. it's very busy here, busiest KOA i've worked at yet, and the first corporate location i've worked. there's a new manager here this year, which brings me to my complaint.

i am getting sick and friggn tired of hearing how great the last manager was. how everything was spotless and beautiful and perfect and how things have gone "so far downhill" this year. normally i would just blow this off, yeah, things tend to take a dip the first year a new manager takes over... its the learning curve. so WHY does this bother me so much this time, you ask? because in this case, the last manger let the whole park fall apart... he didn't repair ANYTHING. he would just slap a fresh coat of paint on the wall that was rotten inside and falling down, and hang a flower basket in front of it, so it LOOKED pretty... and he let the park fall to ruin like that for FIVE YEARS. now a new manager comes waltzing in, and the whole place collapses around his ears, and he's doing all he can just to keep his head above water, and every day i just hear about how great the last guy was.


yeah, the grass gets a bit tall on occasion, we're severely short-staffed. we have maybe 1/4 to 1/3 the staff we SHOULD have for a park this size. we get on it as fast as we can. yeah, the bathrooms get a little dirty-looking sometimes. hello, we're at a beach, people track sand in constantly. every dall, all day... and with the aforementioned short-staff situation, we can't mop as often as we should, but it does get done! there's a nail sticking out of the deck? someone's there with a hammer. toilet clogs? someone's there with a plunger. we're doing our darndest, but there's only so many of us, and so many places we can be at one time.

and to that guy who pissed and moaned about the dump station, and then wrote a paragraphs-long nasty review about how pissed you were and you were never coming back and we're an ecological disaster...shut up. we don't want or need you back if you gonna act like that. the whole park is on a septic. not sewer. no city pipes hauling your crap away, no siree. there's a big ol crap tank down there, and they DO give out after a while... especially when handing the needs of a 300 space park. you just happened to be the lucky guy that the thing blew up on. if you'd come in the office and expressed your displeasure in a reasonable manner, we woulda probably given you some money back, maybe a free night at some later date when things were fixed up right. they're nice, reasonable people here... but no, you came storming in acting like a d-bag and threatening to call the EPA on us. well guess what. that dump station has a BRAND NEW tank now. there is no 'ecological disaster'. the thing works like a charm now. and it isn't because you pissed and moaned and had a temper tantrum in our office. it's because it broke, and our new manager actually FIXES things that break. imagine that!

we've been here for a month and a half, and we've gotten a brand new septic tank, new bikes on order (because the old ones are hideously old and rusted and falling apart, like everything else), and a new bouncy pillow. the pillow is important because the old one broke. people LOVED the pillow. corporate said they wouldn't pay for a new one. it was too expensive. the manager somehow managed to GET ONE ANYWAY.

so yeah, we don't have flowerpots hanging out front and fresh paint on everything this year. sorry. we're actually spending the corporate budget on FIXING things that are broke this year. i guess NEXT year we'll focus on pretty.

signed, that smiling face at the front desk.

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Zambrin said...

Loved this, I laughed so hard reading this, since I work here as well, I know exactly what you are talking about, and can sympathize. Great Post!